Welcome to Gumakutshaa Trust

Welcome to Gumkutshaa Conservation Trust

Gumakutshaa Conservation Trust is a legal registered Trust with Deed registry through the facilitation of Department of Wildlife and National Parks and BirdLife Botswana. The membership of the Trust consists of the community of Mmea, Mokubilo and Mosu. Gumakutshaa Conservation Trust was established to oversee the conservation, protection, management and sustainable utilisation of natural resources in areas of Mosu, mokubilo and Mmea.


Gumakutshaa Conservation Trust was established in 2014. The trust is made up of 12 board members which includes the chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, Vice secretary, treasure and seven additional members.


• Regulated harvesting of Natural resources

• Reduction of human Wildlife conflict

• Reduction of rangeland degradation

• Tourism activities in the Makgadikgadi area

• Construction of a curio shop at Mmea

Funds: The Trust was funded by National Environment Fund on a two year project in 2016.

Contact details

Address: P O Box 1, Mosu, Botswana

Contact No: 74577922 /7498585

Office: Mmea