Keddy Moleofi

Bird Population Monitoring Project Officer

Keddy coordinates common and widespread terrestrial bird monitoring programme in Botswana, that mobilizes the participation of citizen scientists, called the Bird Population Monitoring Programme.

Her duties entails:

  1. Ensuring that members of Community Based Organisation, conservation stakeholders and citizens   volunteer to undertake bird counts every February and November throughout the country.
  2. Conducting  monitoring training workshops to facilitate the participation of citizen scientists on biodiversity monitoring.
  3. Writing scientific, donor reports and project proposals to fundraise for the sustainability of the monitoring programme.

Her function is to work in a wider sphere of developing interest and promoting knowledge of environmental conservation in community organisations at large in Botswana by engaging people on bird monitoring activities for sustainable development. The BPM Programme will develop a Wild Bird Index (WBI) for Botswana showing bird population trends over time and will use the trends to set conservation priorities and guide relevant legislations and report on biodiversity changes (including the response of Botswana’s fauna and flora to climate change) as well as serve as useful input data for Botswana’s State of the Environment Reports and national reports.