Familiar Chat Back Issues-September 2012

September 2012 Newsletter of BirdLife Botswana Familiar Chat Science and Technology, but more importantly educating our children to care for the environment, are the keys to a sustainable future on our planet. With this in mind there are a number of related articles in this issue. World Environment Day was celebrated in Mokhomma Village and BLB was there - see Yukiko’s report on page 2. The Spring Alive campaign of BirdLife International has come to 7 African countries and we are all asked to join in - see the item on page 8. Please register and note your 1st sightings of the specific common migrants listed. This is an ideal opportunity to
involve your children in basic bird identification. On a recent trip to the UK what struck me most was the emphasis on children and education. Excellent facilities and motivated parents and teachers are the order of the day. I have noted some observations on page 5. Local guide Peace Shamuka, had never seen a Greater Flamingo
on the Savuti Marshes - share his excitement on page 3. Flickr: Birds of Botswana

We encourage anyone interested in photography to register and submit photographs of birds in Botswana to our Flickr site. It is an excellent way for us to build a library of photographs and for Members to display their talents.

Please go to the site and look at some of these outstanding bird images. Access via www.birdlifebotswana.org.bw and click on ‘Flickr’

In This Issue

World Environment Day 2
Savuti Flamingo Sighting 3
‘Birds of a Feather’ 4
Some Observations - UK birding 5
Staff News 7
Special Offer 7
Waterbird Counts 7
Forthcoming Attractions 8
Kids for Birds 9- 11
Branch Events 12
BLB Committee 13
Membership Form 14 


Gihan Ilangoon was the first to see a newly arrived Yellowbilled Kite in Gaborone, about the 14th August. Our oracle, Chris Brewster says it was probably en route to South Africa. Sue and Steve Coleman were the second people to see a YBK a few days later. All three now enjoy bragging rights to spotting prowess and move to the top of the class. BirdLife International celebrates 90 years of bird conservation with a series of articles starting with ’Birds of a Feather’on page 4.

Please see the important Member information on page 8 and I look forward to seeing many of you at the annual BLB dinner on the 13th October. Eugenie Skelton —editor.

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