Familiar Chat Back Issues-September 2005

There is lots Page of lovely reading in this issue and once again thanks to all contributors. Any long or short pieces of news are gratefully received – please keep them coming. Due to the small amount of rainfall last rainy season and the long dry winter, there is very little greenery about and we are all hopeful of some rain – sooner rather than later. There is still an abundance of birds about I am always fascinated at the variety of species that live in or are regular visitors to our gardens. Did you know that many birds are much better songsters than most humans and this is despite the fact that they lack vocal chords. Rather, birds produce sounds in a structure called the syrinx, which mammals lack. This structure is suspended in an air sac at the base of the neck, and sounds are produced by exhaled air causing vibrations of thin membranes within the syrinx. Our branches in Maun and Kasane are being revived –thanks to Glen Stephen and Trish Williams. If any members are visiting Kasane, Maun or Francistown (Guy Brina) please contact the local branch as I am sure they would love to include you in any event that might be happening.                                                                 

The Editor
Daphne Goldsworthy

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