Familiar Chat Back Issues-March 2013

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March 2013 Newsletter of BirdLife Botswana Familiar Chat,Despite the dryness in the south/ east, birding has been wonderful this summer and is throwing up some intersting surprises. Do read .HYLQ*UDQW·VQRWHVIURP*KDQ]L page 3, for some unusual sightings. Our own small pond is an oasis for all the wild creatures and a source of constant delight. Mary and Mark Lane/Jones have a beautiful lily/filled dam in Mokolodi and share the joy of watching the comings and goings of water birds with their friends. 14 White)faced Ducklings hatched in January but sadly dwindled to just 4, courtesy of the terrapins we think. To compensate, a lone
female Comb Duck appeared, seemingly from nowhere, with 8 gorgeous babies, all doing well. The vicissitudes of nature! See 'RUHHQ·VS\WKRQLWHPRQSDJH 

This is my last edition as editor of the FC and I want to thank all my contributors over nearly 6 years. 

Thank you for making it so interesting and rewarding. The baton has been passed into the capable hands of Janet Woods modirelo6811@gmail.com. so please keep sending in your articles and items of interest . 


Eugenie Skelton ShopP

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