Familiar Chat Back Issues-March 2012

Its great to have Kabelo back permanently from the UK and we wish him great success in taking BLB to ever greater heights. Harold has retired, again, if we can believe that! His contribution to birds in Botswana is incalculable - Harold, from all the Members of BirdLife Botswana, a huge and heartfelt thank you for your
outstanding dedication and service to the organization. Don‘t ever go away!! It has been a long hot summer and with scarce rains in the south -east, migrants are already showing signs of pre-migratory restlessness. 

On our way to the recent camp in the Limpopo area, see page 9, large numbers of Barn Swallows, Carmine and European Bee-eaters as well as Purple and Lilac-breasted Rollers were gathered, avidly feeding on the insects near the road. Despite all the hardships and pressures on migrants they go to warmer climes with hopefully more food and less competition. We will miss them and hope that they return safely in Spring. To all those who did transects in February, thank you! We hope that you enjoyed doing it. Sometimes it isn‘t easy to find the time but it is for the benefit of birds and much appreciated. Results soon.

There are two excellent accounts of birds breeding in Members‘ gardens - don‘t miss Mike Soroczynski‘s Lilac-breasted Rollers on page 3 and Mary Lane-Jones‘ delightful Little Grebes on page 5.

Eugenie Skelton — editor

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