Familiar Chat Back Issues-March 2010

Despite the lack of unity and concrete agreements reached at the Copenhagen conference last December (UNFCCC), it seems a number of world leaders are seeing
the light and there appears to be a renewed determination to make real changes to the way we do things (too little too late?). Never-the-less, please follow the news on page 6, and read about the CAP conference hosted by BirdLife Botswana in Kasane on page 8, where climate change was the overarching concern. On a more personal note, I am delighted to report seeing a Greyheaded Kingfisher near our new home in Mokolodi 1, only the second time I have seen it. The first was on the 1st November BLB Sunday walk in the Gabane area and I will never forget how excited Chris Brewster was to have spotted it – a rare visitor to Gaborone. Seeing its gorgeous chestnut breast and softest grey head again brought a great thrill to me. I probably wouldn’t have got the bino’s out to see it properly if I hadn’t attended that walk!

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Eugenie Skelton — editor

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