Familiar Chat Back Issues-March 2009

Summer is on its way out and what a bumper season it has been! Wonderful rains have really soaked the ground and the bush is thick and full of fruit and berries. I don’t think I have ever seen so many varieties of butterflies and insects and of course that means a bumper year for birds with plentiful food for hungry babies. The Grewia bushes have put on an extra flush of flowers and fruit and many leaves are tightly wrapped with silk threads enclosing juicy larvae. The birds are having a good time! Harold writes of his trip to New Zealand, on page 3, and the silence of the forests there, quite different to Botswana where we are blessed with so much activity and birdsong. Don’t miss Nicky’s delightful notes from Francistown on page 5 — her insights into bird behaviour are based on a lifetime of close observation and love of birds. Protecting Africa’s IBAs, on page 8, talks of Kenya & Zambia, but relates closely to our own experiences and has messages for us too. In closing I once more ask for feedback and contributions. I really would love to hear from you. Eugenie Skelton — editor skelton@home.co.bw

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