Familiar Chat Back Issues-March 2006

During 2005, Glen Stephens took on the thankless task of organising a programme of activities for Birdlife members in Maun. We are greatly appreciative of everything he has done and it is now time for some one else to take over. We welcome the offer by Doline Bridges to continue where Glen left off. Bennie van den Brink who was ringing Swallows in Notwane sent us this exciting message from Safring. An adult bird ringed on 31 January 2003 in Notwane, Gaborone was caught and released on 17 September 2005 at Kinroor, Prov. of Brabant, Belgium. Distance apart 8667 kilometres. The Editor Daphne Goldsworthy Email : daf@botsnet.bw.

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