Familiar Chat Back Issues-June 2013

Dear Members

It is easy to spend hour upon hour browsing the internet for interesting articles about birds. Feel free to send them for inclusion in future editions of the ‘Familiar Chat’, but I still need the local touch - please send items about what your local group is doing and I will ask the staff in the office to keep us informed about what is happening there.

The theme of this edition of the ‘Chat’ is birdsong. But I’m also trying to highlight the importance of BirdLife Botswana to conservation in Botswana by including articles on IBA’s and Bird Migratory Day.

I’ve tried to convert as much of the info as I can into beak sized portions, but I’ve put links or web addresses to items I think interesting, but which are too long to include. Double click on the ‘speaker’ symbols and see what happens!



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