Familiar Chat Back Issues-June 2012

After 10 years as Vice-Chairman and Membership Secretary of BirdLife Botswana, Mike Goldsworthy decided to step down this year. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his dedication - his quiet backroom demeanour and efficiency ever-dependable.

Thank you Mike!

A new Board was appointed in May and Mike Barclay has stepped into the breach. We wish him every success and must all help to keep him busy enrolling new
Members and keeping us in the loop. BirdLife International celebrates 90 years of commitment to the conservation of birds and there will be a lot more about this towards the end of the year. Highlights in this issue include a fascinating new discovery that perhaps breaches the gap between dinosaurs and modern birds - see page 4. Don’t miss Nicky Bousfield’s account of breeding Fish Eagles in the Francistown area, page 3 and the well received WMBD celebration in Tlokweng on page 2.

Eugenie Skelton — editor


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