Familiar Chat Back Issues-June 2010

A highlight of the BitdLife Botswana year, and quickly becoming a tradition, is the annual World Migratory Bird Day celebrations. This year’s event was even bigger than last year, attracting more than 500 schoolchildren and nearly 50 teachers! Reaching the hearts and minds of our youngsters, the future custodians of our fragile planet, is of inestimable value. Please read Keddy’s report on page 2 and 3 to see the impact BLB is having. Well done Keddy! There are wonderful personal
accounts of Member’s observations and successful interactions with our feathered friends, some of whom may have perished without human intervention, on pages 6 to 9. Please enjoy the stories and contribute your own for future publication in the Chat. It is these items that make the newsletter truly a members’ forum.

Please renew your membership if you haven’t already done so. Your subscriptions are greatly appreciated and much needed and we ask that Members encourage new recruits to join BLB to further the cause of bird conservation in Botswana. 

Eugenie Skelton — editor

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