Familiar Chat Back Issues-June 2007

When I was asked to take over as editor of the Familiar Chat I was very apprehensive. However I have enjoyed every minute of producing the Chat, but as I am also the Treasurer for the association I feel that it is time to let go. The new editor will be Eugenie Skelton. Eugenie will need lots of support and contributions from the members, her email address is skelton@home.co.bw. We bid a sad farewell to Bruce and Polly Hargreaves who will be missed as their input on flora on our walks and talks was always valued. Whilst I was walking in our garden I
thought I saw a baby Chinspot Batis, with which the male and female were frolicking in our Pappea Capensis, but after double checking in the books I discovered it was a Fairy Flycatcher! The Pappea Capensis (Jacket Plum) is in full flower (again) and attracting hundreds of flies, small bees, wasps, butterflies, and other succulent insects. Apart from the delightful Fairy Flycatcher there are many other diners visiting.

The Editor
Daphne Goldsworthy 

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