Familiar Chat Back Issues-June 2006

Birdlife Botswana sponsored its regular “Winter Camp” at a location called “Dithopo Camp” just west and a little north of Lephephe. A departure from Gaborone by 3:00 pm on Friday afternoon got us to our destination in the Dithopo Camp just in time to setup camp in the magnificent yet rapidly diminishing light of the winter sunset. Harold and Geraldine Hester led a caravan of 4 other vehicles to the camp site with Anthony Vodraska and Anita Gilbert pulling up the rear. With three GPS among the group, 2 sets of car-to-car walky-talkies and cell phones, (not to mention detailed directions from Daphne, Mike and Chris who scouted the location the previous week) we were sure not to get lost or stray as the landmarks became few this close to the CKGR. Under the generous spread of a group of ancient Marula Trees, we set up a communal fire-pit and a ring of camp chairs, the individual tents and vehicles casually doting the perimeter. Among the campers were new BLB members attending their first camp: George and Paula Tutt with son, Nick, and Mark and Eugenie Skelton. Ant Snyman was on his second camp. Lucky with a break in the cold weather pattern, the group of 10 hardy and ready souls found that they could do without some of the ensemble of the cold temperature clothing. The campfire at night kept us close to its heat, but the days found us in shirt sleeves by 10 am. I did not find the need to break out the hot chocolate. 

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