Familiar Chat Back Issues-June 2005

We had a most successful office opening in May where we gained much approval for what we have done and are planning to do. There were several important guests there, among who were the Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism as well as two Permanent Secretaries in the ministries of Wildlife and the Environment. There were other government officials from DWNP and the public sector. An important guest was a senior lady from the British Embassy who is responsible for DFID. Altogether there were about sixty guests, who gathered outside our
new office and enjoyed drinks and snacks and listened to an excellent address from the Minister who said exactly what we needed him to say. Then Kabelo gave a PowerPoint presentation on progress and plans for BLB. Several outsiders approached us to join the Society and one of our corporate sponsors said that they hoped to adopt our IBA project as theirs. The Minister was particularly complimentary and said that he
hoped that his departments and ourselves would work closely together in the future. The ambience was most pleasant in the early evening under the large trees and stars, with lanterns twinkling above our heads

Remember – The Annual Dinner is on the 17th September and we have an exciting speaker. 

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