Familiar Chat Back Issues-January 2007

Francistown Bird News Guy Brina We had a good look at another dead bird during at the Francistown BirdLife Botswana meeting, and once again it was master birder Nicky Bousfield who provided the roadkill. No, she didn't run the Mozambique Nightjar over with her vehicle, but she did stop and collect the recently hit specimen so we could all have a close look at the normally difficult to see nocturnal bird. It's fascinating how different many birds look when you get the chance to hold them. Birds in the hand seem much smaller as well. It is easy to understand why Nicky and many other serious birders enjoy netting and ringing birds for scientific research. It is also much nicer to release a live bird after
it has been examined and ringed instead of putting it back in a cooler box as we did with the nightjar. 

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