Familiar Chat Back Issues-December 2011

To all those who took part in the November Bird Population Monitoring, a big thank you from all at BLB. Keddy will report back before the February count. Mark Bing’s count on his farm near Lobatse yielded most birds identified in any one transect and Gavin and Marjorie Blair counted the most transects. But even if you completed only one transect and identified only ten species, but did the count properly, we are very grateful.

Our Director, Kabelo Senyatso, returns to Gaborone after a four year absence in which he has achieved his doctorate after studying Kori Bustards at the University
of East Anglia in the UK. We congratulate him and welcome him home.

To all our Members I extend sincere good wishes for a restful and happy festive season and may 2012 be a very good year.

Eugenie Skelton — editor

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