Familiar Chat Back Issues-December 2009

Looking back at the 2009 birding year brings many happy recollections - many outstanding Sunday walks to out of the way places and many, many new faces, often from other parts of the world. Some folk are just passing through but most are in Botswana to add their expertise, share their experience and enrich lives - their own and others. International exchange and commitment to far-reaching reforms to slow global warming is easily the most important issue in the world today. Don’t miss the press release from BirdLife International on page 2 which spells out the 5 key actions BLI want the world’s political leaders, meeting in Copenhagen, to take.

If you are reading this electronically, do double click on ‘click to advance’ below the adjacent bird for a delightful power point presentation on the persistence and resilience of birds — we have a lot to learn from these wonderful creatures that we love and need to protect in every way we can.

I wish you all a happy and safe festive season and I hope to see you in 2010.

Eugenie Skelton — editor

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