Familiar Chat Back Issues-December 2005

2005 has been a very eventfull year. We have increased our staff one hundredfold welcoming Keddy Mooketsa to BLB as Administrative assistant. We also opened our offices in Kgale Siding and our patron Sedia Modise agreed to join us.

2006 will see another member of staff as we are joined by a Japanese volunteer who has been seconded to us for a two year period, we wish her a successful stay. Another visitor in our midst, not a member of staff but definitely a member of the bird community is an Osprey. It has been seen at the Gabs Yacht club and was here about the same time last year for about 3 weeks. Sadly we will be saying goodbye to

Avril and Eldrid Kasner shortly who have been strongly supportive of BLB whilst living in Lobatse. We have also recently learned that Brenda
and Brian Webster also from Lobatse will be leaving us after a very short relationship with BLB. Gremlins – or Santa’s elves were up to their usual mischief and my computer would not switch on after Xmas and the Chat was obliterated and had to be “reformatted”. I was unable to obtain some of the pictures that had been sent with articles and apologise to authors some of whose pictures have not been included. 


Birdlife Kasane
Mike Lakin 3
National Bird
Nikki Bousfield 4
Nnwane Dam Anita Gilbert & Anthony Vodraska 5
Depletion of the Planet Quiz 6
Avian flu
Birdlife International 11
Chobe visit
Lucinda Briddes 14
Bird Ringing lake Ngami
Peter D’Arcy 15
Committee members 17
Events Gaborone-Maun-Kasane 18

The Editor
Daphne Goldsworthy
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