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Site Support Groups SSGs

The SSG approach is applied at national and regional levels as the main mechanism to create a network of local constituencies working to protect the most threatened biodiversity sites in Africa, while benefiting from the wise use of the natural resources there-in.

SSGs themselves can be defined as independent and organised groups of voluntary individuals that work to promote conservation and sustainable development at IBAs and other biodiversity sites, in partnership with BirdLife Partners and other relevant stakeholders. They are composed of volunteers with similar interests although they may come from different backgrounds, ages, occupation and gender and economic status.

SSGs as defined by the BirdLife partnership have not yet been formed in Botswana, owing to the fact that BirdLife Botswana itself only opened office in March 2004. However, we have to date established informal relationships with several Community Based Organisations (CBOs) who have an interest in biodiversity conservation, some of which we have started collaborating with on projects, notably the Swedish Biodiversity Foundation (Swedbio)/BirdLife International – funded Sustaining biodiversity to sustain livelihoods in rural Botswana (click on this for a Power point presentation).

Collaborating CBOs are the Nata Sanctuary Trust, Cape Vultures Environmental Club (in Otse) and one that is currently being formalised and registered, comprising mainly the community of Sehithwa, near Maun.

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