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BirdLife Botswana maintains a comprehensive, computerised Nest Record Scheme which currently has over 6,500 nest records for 252 different bird species that breed in the country. This database is directly compatible with the Avian Demography Unit’s Nest Record Card Scheme for birds throughout Southern Africa, which is housed at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Our Nest Record Scheme has nesting records from before Botswana became independent (in 1966), up to the present. This information contributes directly to a better understanding of the breeding biology of our birds, but also has direct, practical application e.g. data on the breeding season of Botswana’s four sandgrouse species was used to motivate for altering the hunting season for these birds (previously hunting of sandgrouse was permitted during winter when they were breeding). In addition, Slaty Egret breeding colonies and other heronries in the Okavango have received special attention during the Okavango Delta Management Plan project, as sites of high protection value. It is envisaged that some of the information will also be important when Environmental Impact Assessments are being done, now that they are obligatory for all major developments.

Surprisingly, there is a paucity of breeding records for some of our common birds – for example, there are very few records for Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove, Cape Glossy Starling or Yellow-breasted Apalis. We therefore urge interested people to download the nest record card form (pdf version) from this website, and complete it for any and all breeding birds that they find. There are two different forms, the standard form is for birds that breed individually, while the colony record card form is for colonial nesters such as herons, storks, darters, cormorants etc. You may also open or download the codes for completing the nest cards. An information booklet will soon be available describing the Nest Record Scheme in more detail. Please return the completed forms to the BirdLife Botswana Maun Office, PO Box 1529, Maun. If you have any queries, telephone 6865618 or e-mail













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