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Lappet-Faced Vulture Project

Once widespread in Africa and the Middle East, the Lappet-faced Vulture has contracted from a large part of its historical range. It is now classified as a globally vulnerable species according to BirdLife International, and although the Botswana population of the bird is unknown, the Kalahari is undoubtedly one of the strongholds of the species. The opportunity exists therefore, for BirdLife Botswana to make a significant contribution to the conservation of the species by investing in researching and securing the Botswana population.

Since the species is sparsely distributed across 41 countries, local initiatives to conserve it should conform with the International Species Action Plan for the Lappet-faced Vulture that has been prepared by conservationists from several of the countries where it occurs. In Botswana there is a woeful lack of any baseline data as to its status, population dynamics and potential threats (if any) to its survival.

Lappet-faced Vulture tagging. A first for Botswana.

BirdLife Botswana therefore welcomes information on any sightings from the public. Sight records should be sent to or Information required is as follows:

  • All sightings – date, number of birds present, locality, GPS co-ordinates, type and number of other vultures present
  • Nest records – date, locality, GPS co-ordinates
  • Records of food items and their origin e.g. scavenging on dead dog (road kill) or feeding on dead donkey (natural mortality)
  • Observed threats e.g. nest disturbance by humans, powerline collision/electrocution, drowning in farm reservoir, poisoning, intentional killing etc. (these examples are taken from the International Species Action Plan and are not necessarily applicable in Botswana).
  • Actual mortalities – note cause of death if possible.
    Lappet-faced Vulture on nest in Namibia. Photo: P Bridgeford


The vision of BirdLife Botswana is to contribute to ensuring a self-sustaining, healthy population of the Lappet-faced Vulture in Botswana.

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