Birds and People

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Conservation Newsletter 38 "Birds and People"-Current Issues Newsletter

BirdLife Botswana is rapidly transforming itself from a social bird-watching club to a scientifically-based, professional bird conservation agency, and the advent of this newsletter is in keeping with that trend. The newsletter picks up on the interest generated by a modest, four-page BirdLife Botswana handout entitled “BOTSWANA BIRDS CONSERVATION“, that was sent out three years ago; as a result of this, we now have a substantial and growing network of field birders who contribute regular information to BirdLife Botswana’s bird database, and who play a role in monitoring and conserving birds in their areas.

The primary purpose of this newsletter therefore, is to provide feedback to people in the network; the subscription fee is in the hard currency of information! Please feel free to pass your copy on to someone else who you know would like to play an active role in bird monitoring and conservation. Download the conservation newsletter here in .pdf format

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Familiar Chat March 2015 Current Issues Newsletter

BirdLife Botswana had long advocated for Botswana to officially name a national bird. On May 12, 2014 that finally happened when the Kori Bustard, Ardeotis kori, was named Botswana’s National Bird. Although several other birds have been thought to be Botswana’s national bird, none of these had ever been officially named as such. The internet and various publications have listed half a dozen different birds as Botswana’s national bird, with the Lilac-breasted Roller and the Cattle Egret being the ones most often claimed to be. However, Botswana never had officially designated a national bird until May 2014. The other new national symbols named at the same time as the Kori Bustard were the Morula as the National Tree, Motshikiri(Thatching grass) as the National Grass and Sengaparile (Devil’s Claw) as the National Flower/plant. The new national tree, grass and flower/plant reflect the traditional uses of these plants for food, roofing for houses and medicine. No national mammal was named but the Zebra occurs on the Coat of Arms developed in 1966 and is without doubt considered the national animal/mammal symbol of Botswana by the government and the people.

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Familiar Chat September 2015 Spring Current Issues Newsletter

Chit Chat Monthly walks We organize a monthly walk, which takes place on the first Sunday of every month. We meet at Molapo Crossing in Gaborone at 6.30am in the summer and 8.30am in the winter. We will send you a reminder the week before with some details about where we are going. Beginners most welcome! It’s mine, all mine! Don’t forget to visit our shops Gaborone shop is next door to Cafe Dijo at Kgale Spar complex, the one in Kasane is in the Audi Centre and in Francistown it is in the Ngwato Boswa Museum.

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Familiar Chat June 2015 Current Issues Newsletter

BirdLife Shop extends it’s Range…!! The BirdLife Shop has gone country-wide! The Gaborone shop in the Kgale Mall has been joined by outlets in Kasane (at the Audi Centre) and in Francistown (Ngwao Boswa Museum); more will be opening soon in other parts of the country! Mary Webb (Retail Manager) has sourced many new products, with particular emphasis on BirdLife Boswana branded items.

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