About Gain-O Community Trust

Gaing-O Community Trust

Gaing-O Community Trust (GCT) was legally registered in 1997 to represent the interest and aspirations of the Community of Mmatshumo and surrounding settlements. It was established out of concern by

Mmatshumo community on damages caused at Lekhubu Island as a result of uncontrolled tourism activities and lack of proper management. Through the community Based Natural Resources Management initiative GCT has taken a lead of the devolution of user rights by the government to  undertaking into tourism industry as an alternate sustainable livelihood option for the benefit and appreciation of the Community. The objective of the initiative was to derive potential benefits to the community through income generated through tourism.


Gaing-O Community Trust was established in 1997. The trust has nine board members which consists of the chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, Vice secretary, treasure and four additional members. The remaining four members each covers marketing, public relation office, Human resource and lastly developments.


  • Lekhubu tourism site

  • Marula a Mmaphudiso campsite

  • Gumukago campsite

Achievements: -Ten people have been employed by the trust.

- The trust also adopted Mmatshumo primary school.

Funds: -GEF/SGP financed the trust to purchase among other things signboards, trust vehicle and


- Debswana Old Mine helped the trust with money to buy Desalination Plant.

 Postal Address: P O Box 54, Mmatshumo

 Office line: 2979 612, 75593653